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Pulling Rope

Training Options

 Every session is geared towards your personal goals and limits.


Our BBF ranking system allows us to

1.Challenge you 

2. Progress you

3. Patch up your energy leaks 

We keep in mind the level of intensity that you request. With dedication, your flexibility, strength, and endurance goals will be met.

The goal is to look and FEEL comfortable in your own skin

Ramp Up Sessions

Learn your body.

These 1-on-1 sessions focus on teaching you the specific cues and placement required to perform a workout. A necessity for newcomers and clients looking to advance to the next level.

Squad Training Sessions

Squad Goals!!! 

Having a trainer can get pricey, and working out on your own doesn't get it done. This unlimited monthly membership helps you push for more workouts in the week. There is always an energy and buzz with a group of people. Feed off the electricity! 

Tribe Training Sessions

The larger group isn't for everybody...

This Small-Group setting is a great way to juggle your; budget, busy life, and maintain the guidance of the trainer. Tap into the time that works best for you, and feel the energy of your tribe members working towards their similar goals 💪.

Personal Training Sessions

Travel First Class on your fitness journey 

 All the focus and attention is on YOU. Progress more efficiently with warm-up, workout, and cool-down stretches. All geared towards YOUR specific goals.

Team Training Sessions

The best ability is AVAILABILITY...

Private team-based training for all age ranges. Based on GOATA principles, as well as functional training. Team training will give your athletes time to bond, get stronger physically & mentally, while learning techniques that keep them away from injury. Can be arranged at our location, or at your desired setting. 

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